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The City

It's Time to Develop Smart and Sustainable Cities! 

We need to leverage emergent technology as we develop smart and sustainable cities. IoT is an important component in increasing service levels and streamlining everyday life for people. Some examples include improved waste management, snow removal monitoring, water temperature information, or noise levels. 

Creating Real Societal Value 

Many functions in a modern city can be connected to, and monitored by IoT. Together with IoT Open's collaborative partners, we help municipalities, regions, or businesses to tailor IoT solutions that align with their specific needs. Simply put, reduce costs through smarter and more efficient community efforts. Imagine being able to monitor the health of trees or track bikes and trams in the urban environment. Would you like to check the CO2 and noise levels in schools or monitor the operation of the city's streetlights? No problem. With IoT Open, the opportunities to create real societal value are many. 

IoT Solutions that make a Difference 

IoT Open is an independent technology platform for managing all types of IoT data, and the hub for a wide range of IoT services. One of the many advantages of IoT Open is that it can be used as a cloud service hosted in Sweden or installed on locally placed servers. This provides both flexibility and an extra level of security for you as a user. With digitalisation and IoT, you can use the technology to meet existing needs and anticipate new ones. The data collected by IoT Open can be easily visualised in applications, websites, or systems using an API. The platform is integrated with several visualisation systems, such as Grafana, making it easy to create dynamic data visualisations. Visualisation makes it easier to identify potential cost streamlining opportunities and operate safely and sustainably. 


Increased Security and Safety 

For many in the public sector, striving for a safe and secure community is at the top of the agenda. In addition to an increased presence of safety officers and security guards, the policy documents include everything from surveillance cameras and activity-controlled lighting to increasing the availability of monitorable defibrillators


Increased Reliability 

If the internet connection were to temporarily fail, critical societal functions such as electricity and water supply would be severely affected. With IoT Open, descisions can be made locally on the edge client which ensures stable and reliable oprtation in case of network outages.