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Seamless Device Integration and Authentication

Device management

Experience effortless integration and authentication of a wide range of devices. Connect thousands of devices seamlessly and securely, whether they are existing ones or new additions. Our platform offers tailored authentication methods for each device, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. From devices with unique keys to those that pair with gateways, IoT Open simplifies the process.

Effortlessly manage and customize your devices, a powerful feature of IoT Open.


Device data

Register essential metadata, add custom fields, and easily integrate new devices. Our well-developed and straightforward API enables effortless customization and management.


Our expertise in remote upgrades ensures that devices are always up-to-date. Benefit from automatic software downloads, edge computing capabilities, and autonomous offline operation.


Monitor devices in the platform with flexible levels of detail based on data frequency and availability. Customize views, alarms, and reporting to suit your needs. Tailored settings for your application.