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Device Control

Simplifying IoT Device Control

With IoT Open it is as simple to control a device as reading its values. Various manufacturers and integrations allows devices of different types to be controlled by integrating with the MQTT API where control messages are sent as any other data point.

Enhance efficiency, streamline integration, and maintain uninterrupted operations in your IoT ecosystem

Experience the power of simplified IoT device control

Universal Compatibility

Connect and control a diverse range of devices with ease. IoT Open supports multiple manufacturers and protocols, allowing for seamless integration into your IoT ecosystem.

Centralized Management

Effortlessly manage all devices in IoT Open. Assign custom properties for each device such as serial number, manufacturer details, and more.

Streamlined Integration

IoT Open simplifies integration with external systems. Utilize MQTT bus topics to read and control functions, ensuring precise and efficient device management.

Uninterrupted Operations

Benefit from local control at the edge, allowing devices to operate even if there is a temporary loss of connection. Local governance, services, and rules ensure seamless operations.