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Support the Healthcare System and Increase Security with IoT Technology 

Society faces significant challenges in the healthcare sector. The number of hospital beds is decreasing while our population ages. Chronic diseases are increasing, and mental health problems are rampant. Digital technology has the capacity to create entirely new opportunities for quality healthcare. With the help of various functions, IoT can relieve our healthcare system, reduce waiting times, and increase safety and security for our citizens. 

Advantages of IoT in healthcare 

One of the most obvious benefits of IoT in healthcare is its ability to enhance patient monitoring. By employing sensors, healthcare professionals can monitor the patients' health in real-time and receive instantaneous status alerts. Timely monitoring is particularly advantageous in the case of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart conditions, whose lives depend on the early complication detection. IoT can also be employed to monitor and manage medical equipment, reducing the risk of errors and malfunctions. Additionally, IoT may improve the hospital environment itself. Connecting devices such as lights, thermostats, and doors, the hospital staff can easily create a comfortable and secure environment for their patients. 

Improving Communication with IoT 

Yet another advantage of IoT is that it creates opportunities to enhance communication among healthcare professionals. By using communication devices such as smartwatches or tablets, doctors and nurses can quickly and easily communicate with each other and collaborate to provide the best possible care and experience for patients. 


Saving Lives with Accessible Technology 

For many municipalities, creating a sense of safety among its citizens is a top priority. In addition to an increased presence of safety officers and security guards, the policy documents include everything from surveillance cameras and activity-controlled lighting to increasing the availability of monitorable defibrillators. 


Eliminating Cumbersome Manual Procedures 

"Digital presence" is a solution built on IoT Open. With "Digital presence," you can eliminate manual routines for access logging. Just put up a QR code by the door to any technical facility and have the users log their entry and exit on their mobile devices. Checking in and out becomes smooth and cost-effective, while providing complete control over access history.