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Real Estate

How to Streamline the Real Estate Industry with IoT 

Smart real estate, also known as PropTech, uses digitalisation and automation to streamline the real estate industry. Today, it is a prerequisite for meeting the requirements of both tenants and the authorities. There are many energy-saving solutions and sensors that can reduce operational and maintenance costs. 

What do You want to Digitalise in Your Property? 

Wouldn't it be convenient to know when the indoor temperature is too low, the garbage bins are full, or the smoke alarm batteries need replacing? Using IoT Open, our partners can tailor IoT solutions for your specific needs. Anything from maintaining the right temperature to preventing a flooding using sensors, not to mention reducing operational costs, can be achieved with an intelligent system. Simply put, it makes your property both more efficient and more environmentally friendly. 

Smarter Property Management 

Prepare your property for smarter management using IoT Open together with our partners. Once everything is in place, you can connect services that give you a comprehensive overview of your property’s status and allow you to act on issues in a timely fashion. With mobile notifications, you can initiate corrective actions immediately when something occurs. 

With smart heating control, you can reduce energy costs by up to 15% using district heating. You can, using our partner’s customised solutions, have access to a tool that automatically optimises indoor temperatures based on seasons, weather conditions, and social behaviours. For the one who wants it all, it's even possible to create a virtual replica of your property – a digital twin. That way, you can pinpoint exactly where an issue has occurred in an apartment, track customer locations in a store, or monitor space utilisation. 


Energy Optimisation 

"Smart Heating Control” is a service built on the IoT Open platform. It provides property owners with an efficient tool for automatic temperature control in properties with district heating. For example, "Smart Heating Control" seamlessly interacts with your properties' existing heating systems and collects current indoor temperatures from wireless sensors. 


Digital Twin 

It’s possible to create a digital replica of your property – a digital twin – enabling you to see and act on events in real-time using sensor data. This makes it easier and more efficient to manage operations and maintenance planning in properties, offices, retail spaces, and industrial premises.