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Smart society

A sustainable society 

Through the use of IoT, we are digitalising our society and reducing the need to be physically present to monitor, act upon, and address various operational needs. IoT simply connects the digital world with the physical world to increase efficiency, proactivity, safety, and convenience. 

The city

Smart and sustainable cities. 

When developing smart and sustainable cities, we need to take advantage of new technology. IoT is an important component in increasing service levels and streamlining everyday life for people. Some examples include improved waste management, snow removal monitoring, water temperature information, and the ability to create a more secure and independent life for our elderly citizens. 

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Increased efficiency and profitability. 

The use of IoT facilitates the management of large amounts of data and preventive maintenance in industries. When the machines themselves are able to report problems before they become serious, the risk of unforeseen downtime and breakdowns decreases. Collected data provides excellent decision support and increases not only efficiency but also personal safety, scalability, and profitability. 

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Real Estate

Digitalisation streamlines the real estate industry. 

Smart real estate, also known as PropTech, use digitalisation and automation to streamline the real estate industry. Today, it is a prerequisite for meeting the requirements of both tenants and the authorities. This means, among other things, that heating, cooling, and ventilation are controlled by intelligent systems to achieve efficiency and become more eco-friendly. 

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Quality care with digital technology. 

Society faces major challenges. The number of hospital beds is decreasing while we our population ages. Chronic diseases are increasing, and mental health problems are rampant. Digital technology has the capacity to create entirely new opportunities for quality healthcare. With the help of various functions, IoT can relieve our healthcare system, reduce waiting times, and increase safety for our citizens.

The future of healthcare with the help of IoT