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The IoT Open platform 

Gain full control of your devices and data with an easy-to-use IoT platform.

IoT Open offers an easy-to-use open IoT platform for making data accessible. The platform supports data collection and device data storage from numerous sources while also providing visualization and easy management of devices in the field. Data is securely stored and can be retrieved through a single API. The platform also integrates with external components for more advanced data analysis and working with AI.


The easy-to-use open IoT-platform

IoT Open aims to have APIs that are as simple as possible, and these are openly available for anyone to read or use. New functionality is always built API-first and then added to other implementations. This means that all functionality is available in the API. All traffic to and from the platform is encrypted and authenticated.

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Visualise Data

Visualising data 

Effective visualisation of sensor data for analysis and processing. 

Every function and device saves information that can be measured, displayed or controlled. Relevant data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently for further processing, such as graphic representation, deeper analysis, AI, or other processing. There are many opportunities to visualise your sensor data, e.g. by using iOS and Android apps. 

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Data storage

Secure data storage with scalability 

Data is stored on several places inside IoT Open with high redundancy. All data is fetched using the API. Data is not modified or converted before storing. The platform supports both sending and receiving data.

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Data collection

Efficient data management

IoT Open can collect and integrate data through a wide variety of techniques. By using functions, external devices can be read, displayed, or controlled. The platform is easy to integrate, which means that new protocols and standards allow for adding more types of sensors in step with increasing demands.

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Device Management

Easy management of field devices and support for a wide range of protocols.

The platform has full support for controlling and managing devices on the field. It is easy to integrate new devices from different manufacturers and protocols. The user interface displays all functions, everything that can be measured, show or controlled such as temperature, battery-type, mounting location, coordinates, detected vehicles.

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Device Control

Easy API for control and integration of thousands of devices.

Thousands of devices already support IoT Open and it’s easy to integrate new ones. Our well-developed and easy-to-use API does it all. In addition to the devices already supported on the platform, others can be easily added. All installed devices can be monitored, and we have many years of experience in both servicing and upgrading deployed devices remotely.

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