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We are seeking partners from various fields to expand our ecosystem for both customers and partners on our IoT platform, IoT Open. The industry needs to enhance the knowledge and expertise on IoT Open to meet the future requirements of our customers, and this presents new business opportunities for you as a partner.

Partner with TH1NG to discover optimal IoT solutions. Together, we tackle challenges and develop tailored offerings using our IoT Open platform. Experience business growth and create value by leveraging our expertise across diverse domains. Explore new applications for cost-effectiveness and sustainability in various industries. Join us on this transformative journey. Contact us today!

A program to grow your business

Why partner with TH1NG?

The Partner program offers simple engagement models – Sell, Build and Innovate. There’s also options to get certified.


As a reseller of IoT Open and our services, you not only get access to a market- leading platform, but also dedicated support from our team of experts. We are here to help you through the entire process.

Selling solutions

The IoT industry is growing rapidly and is expected to continue expanding in the future. By being part of this emerging sector, you can open up new business opportunities and reach a wider customer base.

Building solutions

This model is ideal for OEMs, independent software vendors, and application developers that build solutions on top of, or integrate with, IoT Open technology.

Professional Innovation

Professional partners are consultants or system integrators who provide strategic consulting, system design, solution integration and implementation of IoT solutions or operation of IoT Open platform.

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Partner - IoT Open platform

Empowering Innovation and Growth with IoT Open

Being a partner with us at TH1NG means that we can work together to find the best solution for a customer's challenges, or a partner can develop their own solutions based on the IoT Open platform for their own customers. In this way, we can help create value and develop our businesses together.

A partner can enter the market with packaged solutions or products that utilize the IoT Open platform, typically under their own brand, where TH1NG serves as a subcontractor or in collaboration with us.

As a partner, you can move up the value chain and further develop your business by creating your own solutions and customizations using IoT Open for your market. Additionally, you can work with complementary consulting services around IoT Open.

If a partner wants to go all the way with advanced expertise as a professional specialist in IoT Open, they can also act as an operational provider for instances of IoT Open.

Partner - Hardware Supplier

Partner - Hardware Supplier

The need for new applications among our customers and partners is constantly increasing, and that is where the journey begins for many of our customers to streamline their operations.

We integrate all types of sensors and other hardware into the IoT Open platform to meet the customer's needs and lower the barrier to getting started.

The important thing for us is that the customer or partner receives the right technical support for their application and use cases.

If you are integrated with IoT Open, you are IoT Open Ready!

Partner - Distributor

Partner - Distributor

We are seeking resellers of the IoT Open platform, whether it's IoT Open licenses via cloud services, an On-Prem solution, or packaged IoT services. As a distributor, you have the opportunity to build your own network of partners and customers with an IoT platform for your national or regional market.